3 Things to do After You Get Engaged

You are newly Engaged!

Can we just say YAY! And of course, Congratulations!!

Are you still trying to slow your heart rate from the rush and excitement of your proposal? No need to worry, it’s a totally normal feeling; and hopefully, one you will remember and cherish forever.

So….. now what? Your brain probably has thoughts of wedding planning rushing past like a freight train in the night.

Image via Allison Badely Photography
Image via Allison Badely Photography

You are probably wondering what needs to be done from here, lets Break it down into three crazy easy steps!

1)Take a Breather

If your proposal happened during the holiday season you may be feeling like the world is spinning. Seriously! Take a big deep breath and let the memory and enjoyment of your proposal and engagement soak in before you jump into any intensive wedding planning, take as much time as you need.

2) Alert the Masses

After the reality of your engagement has set it, now is the time to shout it from the rooftops!! Make the necessary phone calls, send text messages, change your FaceBook status, share new pictures of your proposal and engagement ring selfies on Instagram, allow the ones you love to relish in this moment with you and your betrothed.

3) Lay the Ground Work for Your Wedding Plans

Have a candid and intimate talk with your fiancee about your impending nuptials. Within your first conversation, try to agree on the following: A date, Venue, Estimated Budget, and a Theme/Color Palette. Having these key factors decided will help the remainder of your wedding planning to fall into place.


Be Inspired

The average length of an engagement is between one to two years. Having a longer engagement will give you more time to plan and less time to be stressed. Allow yourself plenty of time to focus on all the unforgettable lifetime memories you are creating.

Have you already passed #2?

Who is the first person you told about your engagement?

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