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Our final installment of the featured Wedding Planner series at So This Is Love Blog highlights Audra of Lovely Events, in Seattle WA

Lovely Events Seattle WA
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When did your flare for planning weddings began?

When I was eighteen, if I was feeling blue, my best friend and I would spend a Sunday at a bridal store. We would try on wedding gowns and pretend we were planning our big day. The semblance served its duty and always perked us up. In those moments I would say I fell in love with love, or rather couples in love. As I blossomed into an adult and into my career I recognized a need for someone in the wedding industry who, as my grandmother kindly describes me, “has a heart of service”.  Thus, I  created Lovely Events. My company’s principals are based on hosting the host and hostess. We want our couples to not only enjoy their day – we want them to relax into it and relish every moment. We thrive on all the little pretty details, but what really excites us are the small moments when our couples get to actually look into one anothers eyes and fall a little more in love

What services do you currently offer to your clients?

Lovely Events offers Full Planning, Partial Planning and Day of Coordination.  You may add design to all of the above packages and we have recently added Lovely Events “Happiest Hour”,where you can pick the brain of one of our planners for professional logistic, vendor and design tips, over wine of course
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What is a unique experience of a wedding planned by Lovely Events?

Our Midwest charm sets us apart! Two members of the Lovely Events team are from Kansas City. There is a warmth and grace that comes with Midwestern women, we tend to radiate sunshine. We are driven by your comfort and joy, and will go beyond the status quo to ensure the couple and their guests are having the ultimate time

What is one thing aspect of your services that your couples can expect of your work?

Creativity. We are visionaries who see the ordinary and morph it into the extraordinary.We design fun and distinct events that celebrate the couple’s love and their individual passions

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What is the most unique wedding you have ever planned?

We took over a resort and spa on a remote island in Canada for an entire weekend. The guests were welcomed on to the property at sunset with a rooftop champagne soiree overlooking theOrcas in the harbor. The wedding took place that Saturday and lasted well into the wee-hours of the morning. At nightfall the guests were able to enjoy the phosphorescent algae along the water’s edge.

On the following Sunday we hosted a bon voyage breakfast where guests were gifted a beautiful framed photo of the couple that we had adorned the entire resort with for the weekend. It was a really fun way to give a thoughtful, memorable and purposeful gift, as well as put to good use all of their incredible engagement photos.

What is something more couples should inquire about when working with their wedding planner?


What is one myth about Wedding Planners that you would like to dispel ?

That we are not necessarily needed for a wedding to be successful, that we are a budget line item you could possibly do without. 
You know the saying, “you get what you pay for”?  That little quote proves true time and time again. When you hire a professional, knowledgeable and seasoned wedding planner she or he will be worth their weight in gold. We keep you on time, in line and under budget! Wedding planners help to spark your creativity and provide a team of vendors to establish your wedding day dream, exactly as you envisioned it