So This Is Love Mug Swap

I am super-duper excited to announce So This Is Love’s 1st ever Mug Swap!! Let’s have some fun, meet some new peeps, and swap some mugs!!

If you follow me on social media you may have guessed by now that coffee is a *pretty important* (read: essential) part of running So This Is Love (along with all of the love & support I receive on a daily basis of course!) and when I’m in a mid-week slump, I tend to run to Starbucks for my pick me up! I noticed that many of my fellow: bloggers/mama’s/creatives/entrepreneurs feel the same way as well.

So let’s all connect and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/chai/hot chocolate/whateveryoulike with a new mug from a new pal!

So This Is Love Mug Swap
So This Is Love Mug Swap


A couple of things before we get started:

  • Must be located within the Contiguous United States to sign-up
  • I have tried to be generous with the timeline, because I, of all people, understand how fast a schedule can fill up!
  • If you sign up, PLEASE COMMIT to participating in the swap. If you are unsure about whether or not you’d like to sign-up, please save the link to this post & come back before sign up’s close : )
  • Feel free to share this post with anyone you know that might like to participate in the swap, blogging not required!
  • Please know that the information collected on the sign-up form will only be visible to myself & your swap partner
  • The email address collected via the sign-up form will only be used for communication regarding the swap
  • Let’s try to keep it to a $20 maximum including shipping, if you’d like to gift your swap partner something in addition to a mug, a hand written note or card is always welcome!

Timeline for the swap will be as follows:

  • September 6th-14th: Sign Up’s
  • September 19th-23rd: Swap Partner’s Assigned
  • September 26th-September 30th: Get to Know Your Fellow Swappers/Shop for Mugs
  • September 30th-October 7th: Ship mugs/Tracking Information Due
  • October 7th & Beyond: Enjoy Awesome New Mugs!


Let’s connect! To connect with fellow swappers, please use #espressoyourself16 (hehe) on Instagram & Twitter

So, without further adieu, here is the ________>   Sign Up Form!
Can’t wait to get to swappin’!!!

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