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Oh My Occasions | Pembroke Pines, Fl

We are rolling out our featured series on So This Is Love Blog for the month of February staring with Wedding Planners!!

Today’s feature is the first of three, and we are happy to profile Amber of Oh My ! Occasions in Pembroke Pines, Florida

When did your flare for planning weddings & events begin?

From a young age, I had a passion to organize events. Growing up, my family’s house was the venue of choice for huge holiday parties. I quickly learned to host and entertain and loved every minute of it. Being the middle child, and only daughter, I was in love with the spotlight. I’d put together “Basement Broadways”- productions that were not your standard sock-puppet show.With my brothers and cousins as (unwilling) actors, I took care of everything else: customized scripts, detailed timelines, assigned seating, ticket sales, with one hand on the dimmer switch and the other ready to press play on the boom box. I even handled the makeup (black eyes and rosy cheeks were my specialty!)Being the full service planner I am, I hand addressed each guest’s invitation (my crayon drawings were the brush lettering of its generation). The standard meal was saltine crackers with a glass of water (ice or no ice) and (with or without a straw). You could say that by the ripe age of 5, I was the ultimate party planner! A degree in film production and later career in directing and planning corporate events helped me recognize the potential to join my two passions together. I now plan life’s biggest and best occasions!

Oh My Occasions | Amber
Image via Rodrigo Varela Photography

Where do you primarily plan events?

Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Florida Keys, Tampa, Marco Island, Sarasota (FLORIDA)

What type of services do you offer for your clients?

Full Service Planning, Partial Planning, Wedding Management, A La Carte Pre-Wedding Showers/Welcome Parties/Farewell Brunches

Oh My Occasions | Miami Wedding
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What kind of specialty services can your couples expect to find in your packages?

My team offers concierge services along with our event setup services. So while we supervise all vendors present, we also remember that the entire wedding party deserves to be pampered. We mail/deliver monthly packages to our full service clients custom-designed for their likes. For example, a bride and groom who love goofy things and laughing together received a “make your own ugly sweater kit”. Craft beer loving couple was sent custom engraved beer mugs. We really like to personalize our services and make sure that everything we do is catered to the unique qualities and personalities our couples have.

What are your events recognized for?

Oh My Occasions specializes in events that truly reflect the couple. We love the nontraditional and risk takers. Our weddings have the COPS TV show theme song play when the groomsmen walk down the aisle. Our weddings include gourmet burgers and fireball shots, because that’s what the couple loves! Our weddings have dogs as the ring bearers and first dances to Afrojack songs. We LOVE when couples aren’t afraid of themes, and embracing what makes them unique.

What is the most unique wedding you have ever planned?

I’m a little biased in saying my own wedding was the most unique to plan. (or should I say weddingS…) I had a “family elopement” and then a wedding celebration about a month later. Aside from my own wedding, I’ve had a few couples include their children in the wedding, and I always think that’s very special. I had a 30 year anniversary/vow renewal and that was very, very touching to see the couple still so in love after all these years. When my husband (a cop) and I were pronounced man and wife, our officiant gave us “a life sentence” and we were handcuffed for our recessional.

What is something wish more couples would inquire about when making the decision to work with a wedding planner?

I wish couples would do their research on what a planning and designer can (and will) do. We don’t just show up and boss people around. We are educated and experienced in our field and can help you negotiate contracts, defuse problematic situations, design the ideas from your “dream wedding, and we ensure you are getting the best vendors for your budget, personality, and style.

What is one myth about Wedding Planners that you would like to dispel ?

We are SOOOOOOOOO worth the money! Also…. we’re not all like JLO. Only time I’ve ever fallen for the groom was when it was my own husband 😉

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Anything last words of wisdom for couples in the planning process?

Take risks, brides! Do not be afraid to embrace your quirkiness or special qualities as a couple! Do you love Star Wars? Cool! Let’s make the table numbers character names. Did you have your first date at a local pizza parlor? Awesome… let’s serve late night pizza bites! You don’t always have to follow tradition! Add your own elements. Want to have your bridesmaids carry bunny rabbits instead of flowers? Wonderful. When clients ask me if they’re doing something the “right” way, I always advise them of the “standard” or “traditional” method… but encourage them to do what makes them HAPPY and what rings true to who they are!

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