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You know how much we love modern day romance at So This Is Love, and Pop-Up Weddings are one of our absolute staples!

Today we are chatting with Cheryl of POP Up Wedding Co. to ask her how her company helps couples celebrate in style, and where she thinks the trend of POP Up Weddings emerged.

What is the PopUp WeddingCo?
It’s a one-stop wedding shop experience! Fun + Fast + Fresh + Affordable = POPtastic alternative to a traditional wedding! Pop up weddings | Styled elopement | Mini weddings | Vow Renewals
What areas does PopUp Wedding Co currently service?
We are primarily based in Texas & Colorado but have gained well-known Vendors around the globe
How can couples use the PopUp Wedding Co. to plan their pop-up style wedding (how does it work)?
3 Steps are all it takes to achieve ‘No Stress Wedding Success’ as we like to call it!!
1) Choose Your Date + Location
Contact us about your dates, the sooner the better. Tell us about your location ideas. We will collect a deposit to book your date & time, and then we’ll get to the fun stuff! Pop Up Wedding Co’s crew starts the planning
2) Customize Your Wedding
Once your date and location are chosen, we’ll get to know you and your style to plan a ceremony & photo session in a style that will be perfect for the both of you! We will capture all the feels and that newlywed post-wedding glow, make your POP Up Wedding unique, adding themes & creativity….. Ummm Yes!! Anything you can dream up that displays your personality.
3) Get Married
On your wedding day, we’ll meet you at the location for your ceremony and portrait session. After about an hour of FUN, we’ll send you off on your wedding day, another hour of fun later and we’ll send you off as a newly married couple, now go celebrate for the rest of the day!
What do you think has contributed to the trend of pop-up weddings?
As a wedding photographer for years, I have noticed the trend of brides who ae savvier on their wedding budget and have more time restraints to their own personal workflow. Also, we have many couples that don’t want the stress of planning a traditional wedding. You would be surprised just how many couples on their wedding day want to skip it and go the courthouse and head out for their honeymoon but feel obligated to follow through for the sake of their family in friends in attendance.
What would rumor/myth would you like to dispel about pop-up weddings?
I would like couples to understand that just because your POP Up Wedding is only a couple of hours long, you have not sacrificed the true meaning of your wedding day, it still remains the union of two people who are in love and want to get married. Our POP Up weddings are about showcasing your love for one another, not 100 images of your cousin Mark on the dancefloor getting ‘jiggy with it’. Also, since you receive a complimentary wedding album chock full of your wedding day photos and all its glorious details, no one will be able to tell you didn’t have a 10-hour wedding.
How can a wedding professional sign up to become a PopUp WeddingCo preferred vendor?
We like to keep things simple, our preferred vendors are handpicked by Cheryl, the owner of Pop Up Weddings CO. via the vendor contact page at:  or by referrals from past clients.
What do you think loves? Could you see yourself getting married POP Up Style?

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