Proposal in Savannah Georgia Lafayette Square

Proposal Story | Lafayette Square Savannah Georgia

Mike proposes to Christian in Lafayette Square in Savannah! From ‘Are you ever going to say Hi to me at the gym?!‘ to ‘Will You Marry Me‘!

Mike planned a surprise proposal that had his sweet bride to be believing that she was off to a girls trip in Savannah! Waiting in the center of Lafayette Square, our bride-to-be grew impatient until she noticed Mike approaching in a horse-drawn carriage! Following behind him was both of their families, as well as the bride’s best friend…. awwww!!!

Keep reading to hear all about how they met (remember that gym anecdote?!) and how our bride-to-be felt like the Disney princesses she had always dreamed of, on the day of her engagement!

The thought of true love is something that is introduced to us as children, either through a book, nighttime stories, television shows, and even friends and family. For me, it was in front of the television watching Disney princess movies over and over again. I became intrigued by how beautiful and unique each of their love stories were. From then on, I decided I too would have a fairy tale love.

Mike and I both attended Georgia Southern University during the years of 2012-2015, we had mutual friends (including a sorority sister) and even visited the same popular places to hang out. Surprisingly, we never once crossed paths. I like to think this was divine intervention. Soon after his graduation, his mechanical engineering degree brought him to Macon, Georgia, the last place he wanted to end up might I mention. Soon following, I too moved back home to Macon after my graduation. With the distraction of socializing and school work eliminated we both found ourselves going to the gym daily and becoming more occupied with our physical health. For an entire year, we noticed each other in the gym but were too afraid to say anything to the other.

I eventually mentioned him to my dad, who was also a member of the gym and he convinced me to say hello. Initially, I was very reluctant, as this was way out of my character, but I decided to do some digging and I asked a mutual friend (who also went to Georgia Southern and our gym) what his name was. Eventually, I put on my big girl panties, because it was obvious he wasn’t going to put his on, and I found the courage to friend and message him on Facebook. My impeccable choice of words were, “Are you ever going to say hey at the gym?” Apparently, it worked, because the very next day at the gym we had an hour conversation on the treadmill which turned into daily conversations on the treadmill.

A few weeks of dinner dates binge-watching the Walking Dead, and one awkward Easter Sunday (where he met all three sides of my family at once), quickly turned into him calling me “girlfriend”. It wasn’t long before those feelings became stronger and we hardly went a day without seeing each other. This made it extremely hard when his job offered him a great opportunity to move to Japan for two years. Though I was devastated, I tried to remain supportive of his advancement in his career. It wasn’t until later that we admitted to each other that this was the moment in our relationship that we realized there was something more between us, we had fallen in love. With a lot of praying for guidance, he decided to stay in Macon and work on bettering our careers and lives together.

Now I imagine you are ready to hear how he asked me to marry him, but first let me state; I believe when two people are truly made for each other in the eyes of God everything magically just fits. In better words, when you’ve found the one your heart loves, you just know. You know it with everything you are made of. Mike is nothing short of a blessing and for the purpose of this story, a prince. He could not have made me feel more like a princess on the day he asked me to marry him.

What I thought was a girls trip to Savannah, Georgia ended up being one of the best days of my life. As my mom and I waited in Lafayette Square to meet her friend and her daughter for dinner I quickly grew impatient as to why we had been waiting for so long. My mom then led me to the center of the square and pointed out a beautiful carriage drawn by a white horse. In it stood the man of my dreams, my Prince Charming. As I watched him approach, I saw both of our family’s and my best friend following close behind. He eventually made his way to me, introducing himself with what he planned to be a speech that he had rehearsed a million times. With an insane amount of adrenaline running through my system all I remember him saying is when he first knew he wanted to marry me. He then got down on one knee and asked the question I had been waiting so long to hear, and I said “YES”! After the photographer took photos of us and the family he led me back to the carriage where he had a bottle of champagne from France waiting to be popped. We took a short stroll through Savannah and were then dropped off at a nice restaurant where the top floor would host our dinner.

The night all too quickly came to an end and I was beyond filled with joy. This is but a glimpse of what our story has been and what it will be. On October 20, 2018, I was a princess on Lafayette Square and my prince road up with a white horse. I can’t wait to be his partner in life and live happily ever after!! – Christian, bride-to-be!

Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous photos from Christian & Mike’s engagement, taken by Savannah Wedding Photographer Ashton Healy Photography!!

Savannah Georgia Proposal in Lafayette Square, Proposal Photographer

Savannah Georgia Proposal in Lafayette Square, Proposal Photographer

Proposal Photographer Savannah GeorgiaSavannah Georgia Proposal in Lafayette Square, Proposal Photographer

Proposal Photographer Savannah Georgia

Proposal in Savannah Georgia Lafayette Square

Proposal in Savannah Georgia Lafayette Square

Proposal in Savannah Georgia Lafayette Square

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