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The Modern Elopement

**Today’s guest post is written by Emily, of Lace & Brass Events; located in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Emily is excited to talk about modern day elopements and intimate ceremonies**

The term “eloping” once meant two people were secretly running off to get married without anyone knowing. In this new era weddings range from 300+ guest weddings planned two years in advance to quicker and smaller intimate ceremonies. The latter is what many people now refer to as eloping.

Wisconsin Bride Flower Crown
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An elopement now means the couple either by themselves or with 10-20 guests are having a small, intimate ceremony just like a larger wedding but scaled down. An officiant is still hired, flowers are still held and there may even be decor and live music! With larger weddings getting pricier and more time consuming to plan, some couples are loving the idea of a smaller wedding without sacrificing the quality.  Many couples are getting married, or remarried, at ages that they want to skip “the big wedding” but don’t want to just head to the local courthouse. An intimate ceremony allows them to have the best of both worlds!

An elopement now means the couple; either by themselves, or with 10-20 guests, are having a small, intimate ceremony

Elopements can still be spur of the moment, as in “Hey! Let’s ditch trying to book a venue in 2019, invite our best friends and parents and get married in 2 weeks!” Or your elopement/intimate ceremony can be planned 6 months in advance with 20 of your most favorite people. The beautiful thing is you have so many options or none at all if you’d like!

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About Lace & Brass Events: Located on the southern shores of Lake Superior, Bayfield, Wisconsin is a beautiful little wedding destination, especially for elopements! With many beaches, sea cave cliffs, and forests they really have many stunning places to set up a small ceremony. Lace & Brass Events offers two all-inclusive elopement packages, teaming up with some of the best vendors in the area.

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