5 Things to do The Week Before Your Wedding

The days leading up to your wedding may be non-stop, but don’t forget these 5 Things to do The Week Before Your Wedding!!

Timelines, appointments, events & preparation, oh my! Staying organized and centered throughout the days leading up to your wedding is crucial to maintaing your stress level and ensuring that you are entering your union as if you’re floating on a cloud!

Be sure these five things are in order the week before your wedding:

5) Show Your Bustle to your Maid of Honor

Show your maid of honor, bridesmaid, mom, etc. how to attach or hook up the bustle on the back of your gown! You don’t want to get caught up in your train post-ceremony while scrambling to find someone to get your dress in order. Also be sure to communicate to your point person when the appropriate time to bustle is (surely, after your ceremony your bustle will be the last thing on your mind : ) Are you packing flats, a change of clothes for your farewell or removing your veil when it’s time to boogie? Ask for assistance on handling those items as well.

4) Make Your Final Payments

Check your vendor contracts to see when final payment is due. Final payments to your venue, photographer, or florist may be due a week before up to the day of your wedding. If you are running short on time, have your fiancé, parent, trusted friend or family member drop payments off on your behalf, be sure to confirm with your vendors that this is ok and alert them as to who will dropping off the payment on your behalf.

Image via Erica Britto Photography
Image via Erica Britto Photography

3) Get a mani/pedi

Save getting a mani/pedi for 1-3 days out from your wedding day to avoid any chipping or mishaps. If you are going for acrylic nails or a gel manicure you can extend this to 3-5 days out as these styles typically last a bit longer.

2) Feed Your Soul

Whatever your belief may be, take 15 minutes to a half an hour to meditate, pray, express gratitude to the universe or be alone with your thoughts, whatever fuels your soul! Yes your wedding day is approaching, but more importantly you are about to embark on a life long journey. Give yourself some time to appreciate the beauty of the love that you share and remember the days leading up to your union.

1) Confirm Your Time Line

Go over your time line with your wedding planner or day of coordinator; if you have not hired either of these vendors be sure to create a makeshift timeline of your own. You will need this timeline  to relay to your DJ so that they will know when to cue up any traditions you may be partaking in such as cake cutting, first dances, bouquet toss, or sparkler exit.


Photography courtesy of Erica Britto, find her on the web at ericabritto.com