Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

***’Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner‘ is a guest post written by Angela of Love + Lemons a delightfully stylish design & planning company located in the Phoenix, Arizona***

Image via Love+Lemons
Image via Love+Lemons

So you’re stuck on the “do I really need one?” debate.  I get it, weddings are expensive and a planner is sometimes a generous chunk out of your overall wedding budget. One of my favorite things is having a casual chat with a newly engaged couple, listening to their wedding wishes, drifting in and out of my ideas of how to make their big day become a reality, and then asking the one question that seems to get the most nervous response:

So are you hiring a wedding planner?

It seems more comfortable for potential clients to talk about hiring other vendors like the officiant or the photographer. These people are wedding day essentials, am I right? Well, here’s 3 reasons why you should consider a planner to be an integral part of that group.

  1. WEDDINGS ARE FREAKING STRESSFUL. A lot of our job is to absorb this stress for you and your partner. I mean, you just got engaged! You should be happy and blissful and see everything in shades of rosé. But generally, once the planning wheel starts rolling, the bliss balloon makes a huge POP. A wedding planner is there for you to guide you through those daunting checklists, keep you organized and on budget, and let’s not forget shielding you from the hundreds of questions that arise on your wedding day. Yes, no matter how prepared you are, there will be questions. So. Many. Questions. But guess what?! You won’t hear a single one unless your planner feels it ultimately necessary to get you involved. Your investment in a planner is an investment in your sanity.
  2. BUDGETS GET OUT OF CONTROL – FAST. If you hire someone for more than day (or month) of coordination, budget management can often be worked into your package if it’s not included already. You can be the most money savvy person on the planet and I bet you’ll still blow out your wedding budget. Having a realistic boundary set is a healthy way to start a marriage so that you don’t enter the next chapter of your life drowning in post-nuptial bills (which most people do, by the way! Let us help!) Depending on what kind of wedding you want, we can build you a budget that puts your money in the right places so that you don’t over spend on something that won’t give your dream wedding in the long run.
  3. WE CAN ACTUALLY SAVE YOU MONEY. “But Angela”, you say, “how is this possible when I’m spending money on you to begin with?” It’s easy. We know people. We can save you time AND money by putting you in touch with the right vendors from the beginning. What’s the point of sending out masses of inquiries to a bunch of vendors that might be out of your budget? It’s hard on your heart when you fall in love with a specific vendor only to realize they are way out of reach for you. The fastest way to lose control of your money is to start hiring people that eat up all of your budget too fast. Then, you’re digging in no man’s land for additional funds. Yikes! It is our job to hear what’s most important to you and build you a team of amazing professionals who will give you the best day ever while staying within your means. Let us help you find the best solutions before you start swiping your credit card all over the place without having any real direction (Even all of you DIYers out there! Trial and error can put smoldering holes in your pocket book).
Image via Love+Lemons
Image via Love+Lemons

So if those small points alone don’t convince you, I can rattle off about 20 questions that will make your mind numb. But don’t worry, right after that I’ll be there to give you a big, warm hug and say, “I’ve got you”. And we all do. That’s why we’re here. We LOVE doing what we do. We LOVE taking care of the not-so-glamorous parts of wedding planning. Because with us, the end result is going to be beautiful and you and your partner will glow because all you’ll feel is happiness during the entire journey into married life.

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